Luxury leisure travel is today, a thing of knowledge, access, and instincts; combining the familiar with the unusual and the charming with the sublime. While the “mechanics” of luxury travel become easier each day with each advance in technology, the art of luxury travel continues to be composed solely from the palette of knowledge, access & instinct possessed by few.

My passion for travel was fostered at a young age, discovering new places with my family, using travel as an extended classroom. As a young adult, I truly fell in love with seeing the world as a flight attendant.  My most recent trips have taken me to South Africa, Jamaica, Turks & Caicos, Mexico and Central America, allowing me to apply my education in international development and Latin American studies with my passion for travel.

World Travel Service is a proud member of Virtuoso and we make a difference in the way you experience travel.

Although we’re an independently owned and operated travel agency, we have a world of resources at our fingertips. Whether you travel to celebrate with friends and family, to get away from everyday worries to de-stress, or for personal fulfillment and enrichment, let me assist in making your travel dreams a reality. We specialize in the art of travel!

Meryl specializes in African Safaris, multi-generational family vacations, and small ship cruising.

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